Esterbrook Fine Line Pens for Art and Drawing with 9 #355 nibs

DIP1212 Fine Line Pens Esterbrook for Art and Drawing – Orange, white and black card has 9 Esterbrook blue steel No. 355 dip pen nibs threaded to the card. XXFine and XXFlex points. Card measures 6 x 3.5 inches. Nibs and card are both in amazingly excellent condition. These are great writing extra fine extra flexible dip pen nibs (1 avail)


Esterbrook Lettering Pens Drawlet brochure with four dip pen nibs

Esterbrook Lettering Pens Drawlet brochure - red, white and black fold out brochure, one side of four panels shows the alphabet in 8 different font styles done with round, square and shading points. 12 x 6.5 inches fully open 3.25 x 6 inches folded into brochure. Including are 4 new old stock Esterbrook dip pen nibs: 1 each of Esterbrook 356, 369,354, 358 – all xf and xflex. Nibs and brochure are in mint condition. (1 avail)


Esterbrook Blue and Kraft Envelope, with six Esterbrook Pens

Esterbrook Blue and Kraft Envelope, Esterbrook Pens for Every Purpose, sold by Henry Wedelstadt Co. in St Paul, Minnesota, Six new old stock antique Esterbrook dip pen nibs included: 1) R Esterbrook 1000 fine point 2) R Esterbrook 788 School 3) R Esterbrook 556 School 4) Esterbrook 920 Radio Fine 5) R Esterbrook 130 Easy Writer medium flex 6) R Esterbrook 322 Inflexible extra fine. (1 avail)


Esterbrook Advert & Three Dip Pen Nibs, February 1956

Esterbrook Advert & Three Dip Pen Nibs, February 1956 – Original Esterbrook Advertisement for Drawing and Lettering Dip Pen Nibs, “Esterbrook Drawing and Lettering Pens Will Do The Job Better Faster Easier”, measures 3.25 x 11.5 inches. B&W. Included are three original Esterbrook Nos. 3,4 and 15 drawing & lettering nibs in mint condition. (1 avail)