Sheaffer Factory Nib

SH4700  Sheaffer Factory Nib for mid-1960s Cartridge Filler pen, Marked Sheaffer F Made in USA, Firm fine point. Includes feed and section. This has a paper tag wrapped around the section with writing, but looks like it may have gotten wet at some point in the past, illegible now. (1 avail)


Hunt Steel Nib from 1950s?

SH4701  Hunt Steel Nib from 1950s? I believe this would have once been part of a progressive die and why it was in with a batch of Sheaffer nibs is a mystery. Perhaps Sheaffer made Hunt fountain pen nibs for them at one time? Perhaps Sheaffer acquired it for comparison and/or examination purposes. Sheaffer often had competitor’s pens in house for examination and inspection. Excellent condition. (1 avail)