fountain pen

Conklin Student fountain Pen

CON070 Conklin Student fountain Pen, styled similarly to the Endura line, but a bit smaller and with black and white banding at cap top and barrel end. Gold filled rocker clip and trim, clip is marked Conklin 5-28-19. Ca. late teens – early 1920s. Variegated marbled tan and green cap and barrel, Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Conklin No. 2 Toledo solid 14KT gold nib is a soft and slight flexible fine point. Measures 5 inches long. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Bulow X750 Vertag Fountain Pen

MI1295 Bulow X750 Vertag Fountain Pen, China, recent production, black matte finish, a solid and quite heavy fountain pen. Large polished steel nib is a firm fine point. Cartridge – converter fill, piston style converter included. Also accepts standard international cartridges sold separately.  Measures 5.5 inches long. Used but not abused and in very good condition. (1 avail)


Sailor Brush Pen

MI1287 Sailor Brush Pen, recent production, Japan, black cap and barrel, gold electroplated clip and single cap band. Cartridge fill, two Sailor cartridges included. Measures 5.25 inches long. Mint condition, never used. (1 avail)


Wahl Oxford Fountain Pen, ca. 1930s

EV680 Wahl Oxford Fountain Pen, ca. 1930s, Black cap and Barrel. Gold plated lever, cap band and clip, Cap is marked Made in USA Wahl Oxford. Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Replacement nib is marked: Selecto-O-Point B Iridium Tip, Firm Medium Made in USA. Polished steel. Amber ink view window. Measures 4.75 inches long. Works and writes well, only fair in the cosmetics department!  (1 avail)


Parker Duofold Jr. Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1920s, US, Black Permanite

PK2785 Parker Duofold Jr. Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1920s, US, Black Permanite cap and barrel, black barrel end, section and cap top. Single gold filled cap band. Button fill – fills only from a bottle. Solid 14KT gold nib is marked; Parker Duofold Pen P. Firm fine point. Gold filled Parker Clip shows minimal brassing to the clip ball.  Crisp milling on the black hard rubber cap top. Measures 4.5 inches long. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer School Cartridge Filler Fountain Pen

SH4977 Sheaffer School Cartridge Filler Fountain Pen, ca. 1950s, translucent blue barrel, black section, lined polished steel cap, clip is marked Sheaffer. Polished steel nib is marked Sheaffer’S Made in USA. Firm fine point. Measures 5 inches long. Cartridge fill – one Sheaffer cartridge included. Excellent condition. Zillions of Sheaffer school pens were made over the years, but this one has one of the most beautiful blue barrels we’ve ever seen! (1 avail)