Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink, Royal Blue, Liter

PEL301135  Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink, Royal Blue, Liter. Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink - Pelikan's first writing inks were called 4001. The reason for this name was a designation found in the Receptu Buch which was used to record formulas for different product lines. Writing ink formulas were in Book Four and the first formula was recorded as 001. Hence the designation "4001". 33.82 oz - Liter (1000 ml) bottle. (These are available via special order - ETA 6-12 weeks)


Pelikan Advertising Brochure

P1120  Pelikan Advertising Brochure, Six panel Tri-fold brochure plus one loose single panel. Full color printing. Measures 11.5 x 8.25 inches flat, 3.75 x 8.25 inches when folded. Titled “Fur jeden, der schreibt” Writing instruments featured are No. 400 & 450 in green, No. 400 & 450 and No 500 & 550, in tortoise, Boxed Sets, Nibs and Writing samples. Single panel insert features 140 and 350 in Burgundy as Neu and reverse side has text info on No. 149 and No. 350. Also info and full color photos of FP and MP sets in boxes.