Sailor Superscript Fountain Pen, Japan

SAI004Sailor Superscript Fountain Pen, Japan, recent production.  Clear cap and barrel, black cap top, section and barrel end. Gold plated Superscript nib, sometimes referred to as a “zoom” nib. The higher the angle the point is held, the finer it writes, the lower the angle the broader it is.  Cartridge – Converter fill – includes one black Sailor cartridge. You can also add pure silicone grease to the threads and use as an eyedropper fill pen.  Measures 6.75 inches long. Mint condition, never used. (2 avail)


Aurora Hastil Fountain Pen, Italy

AUR026  Aurora Hastil Fountain Pen, Italy. Designed by Marco Zanuso in 1969 and released in 1970, the Hastil continues to be produced today. We believe this one to be ca. 1970s based on the nice chrome plated original aerometric converter. Will also accept Aurora or Parker cartridges. Solid 14KT gold nib is a very responsive medium point. Measures 5.5 inches long.  Diameter is 3/8 inch. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Diplomat Fountain Pen, Germany

MI2091  Diplomat Fountain Pen, Germany, Recent Production. Matte Black cap and barrel. Matte silver colored clip and trim., measures 5.25 inches long. The Fountain Pen has a white metal clip. Black resin section.  Steel nib is marked Diplomat and M for medium point. FP is cartridge fill, short international cartridge included. FP measures 5.25 inches long. Diplomat “jewel” at top of cap has the Diplomat logo. Heavy, substantial weight! Very good condition. Diplomat made great writing pens! (1 avail)


Unknown Fountain Pen, ca. 1940s?

MI2092  Unknown Fountain Pen, ca. 1940s?, black plastic cap and barrel, gold plated clip, cap band and lever. Barely a hint of plating remains on the clip, other trim very good. .Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Gold plated nib is marked: Iridium Tipped Made in USA, Firm extra fine point. Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Measures 5 3/8 inches long. Great everyday fountain pen! (1 avail)


Pelikan M205 Fountain Pen in Petrol Marbled Finish

PEL536  Pelikan M205 Fountain Pen in Petrol Marbled Finish, Shimmery Green and Black marbled, sort of like when you see petrol glistening on the street – a very luminescent finish! Black cap, section and turning knob. Bright rhodium finished clip and trim. Piston filling, fills only from a bottle. Polished Stainless Steel Fine Point MSRP $260 (1 avail)


Sheaffer Balance Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil set in Sheaffer clamshell box. USA. ca. late 1930s

SH4928  Sheaffer Balance Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil set in Sheaffer clamshell box. USA. ca. late 1930s. Grey pearl striped caps and barrels, single narrow white metal cap band. White dot on FP cap above clip. White dots were not used on pencils in this era. FP is lever fill – fills only from a bottle. FP is fit with a 14KT gold two tone Sheaffer’s Lifetime nib, custom ground 1.3mm italic nib. FP measures 5.5 inches long. MP measures 5.25 inches long. Twist pencil to extend and retract 1.1mm diameter lead. Fresh eraser installed below cap.


Legend Fountain Pen, ca. 1990s

MI2090  Legend Fountain Pen, ca. 1990s, China, Black cap and barrel, gold electroplated clip and trim. Gold plated large nib is marked with some Chinese characters and Rockman 14K. Smooth writing generous medium point is very responsive, but not quite flexible. Cartridge fill – standard short international cartridge included. Measures 5.5 inches long. Used, but not abused and in very good condition. (1 avail)


Waterman C/F Fountain Pen, ca. early 1960s

WA273  Waterman C/F Fountain Pen, ca. early 1960s, dark green barrel, black section, with bright white metal cap and open style clip.  Waterman polished steel semi exposed nib is a responsive fine point. Measures 5.25 inches long. Cartridge/Converter fill – CF cartridge included, but will need to be refilled with a syringe. Note that cartridges are no longer made for this pen and are very difficult to find. FP is in very good condition. (1 avail)