pen repair supplies

Sheaffer Factory Tool?

Sheaffer Factory Tool? - 7.25 inches long, very slim, one end is shaped to look like a slim pen’ nib, rear end sort of looks like a squared off letter opener. Hand marked on side EB31744. EB were the initials of Eb Neff who was a longtime tool and die guy at Sheaffer. (1 avail)


Sac Forceps

Sac Forceps - These are the best tool I have for remove those hard to reach bits of dried up or gummy old sacs in the bottom of a pen barrel. Narrow, so they easily fit in barrel, just the last half inch of the forceps opens and closes. Overall length is 7.75 inches including handle, length of forceps is 5 3/8 inches.


Acrylic Nib Block

Acrylic Nib Block - For those of you who do pen restoration, a nib block is an important item for your tool box. We've used a machined steel nib block for many years and once in awhile you can turn one of these up, but the steel blocks run hundreds of dollars. These new precision made acrylic nib blocks work perfectly for straightening and re-shaping nibs. Better still, the cost is affordable for everyone.