Unknown Pen Tray

Unknown Pen Tray from an antique pen display cabinet. Wood framed tray with a leather backing, Tan velour slotters to hold up to 15 pens, each slot measures 5.25 inches long and one half inch wide. There is a metal handle at the top of the tray. It obviously would not have been used to carry the tray because the pens would have fallen out. We suspect the handle was there to pull out and re-insert the tray into a larger pen display cabinet. Overall size is 19 x 5.25 inches x 5 3/8 inches, the metal handle extends that to 6.5 inches.


Sheaffer Fashion Tapestry Single Pen Pouches, Set of 3

Sheaffer Fashion Tapestry Single Pen Pouches, Set of 3, originally came with Sheaffer Fashion Ballpoint, Pencil or Fountain Pen. Measures 5.25 x 1 inch and has one slot. Accommodates slim pens up to about 10-11mm diameter (7/16 in prox). 1) Rose pattern in shades of pastel pink and green, 2) Blue and burgundy geometric tapestry and 3) Dark rose. New old stock, never used, mint condition. NOTE: These are the pouches only, pens not included! (3 sets avail)


Three vintage dip pens and black dip pen holder

DIP1198  Three vintage dip pens and black dip pen holder. Set contains a nice holder in ceramic with glossy jet black finish and three different dip pens – 1) Coits green plastic holder with Esterbrook 2668 Renew point nib with feed 2) Bright red wood dip pen with contour section, fit with Esterbrook No. 14 bronze dip pen nib, flexible fine p broad point. Measures 8.25 inches. 2) Keuffell and Esser Co Germany, Holder in natural would, contoured, fit with vintage Hunt 103 steel open crowquill dip pen nib, XXF and XX Flexible point. Contour gripping section. Measures 6 inches long with nib.


Dip Pen Holder - ca. early 1900s

S707  Dip Pen Holder - ca. early 1900s, clear pressed glass base with pressed dot pattern in base. Holds up to 18 dip pens in it's springy center spring. Sometimes people refer to these as note or memo holders, but they are catalogued as Dip Pen Holders. 4.25 x 2 inches, height to top of spring is 2 1/8 inches. This pressed glass base is in very good condition. The spring, as you can see in the photo, is still springy but not as level as it was when made about 100 years ago. Heavy base keeps this dip pen holder well balanced. Pen shown in photo not included. (1 avail)