Eclectic Advertisement, 1891

ECL44  Eclectic Advertisement, 1891, 7x10 inches, black and white. Eclectic advertisement includes Side one: Waterman’s Old Reliable Fountain Pen, Johnston’s Improved Ink Eraser, Edison Mimeograph Side Two: The Adder, Shipman’s Fountain Pen, Gem Pencil Sharpener, Needham Desks.


Waterman Advertisement, September 11, 1915

WAT431  Waterman Advertisement, September 11, 1915, Scientific American, measures 10.75 x 16 inches, Full Color. This might be the largest earlier color Waterman advert we’ve seen. Rubber! On the right is a Waterman’s Ideal black hard rubber pen. Toward the bottom is an illustration of the Waterman Company at 173 Broadway in New York. On the left is a rubber tree forest and several people – one harvesting rubber, 1 in a tent with campfire and 2 walking down the road.


Waterman Advertisement, ca. 1903

WAT428  Waterman Advertisement, ca. 1903, measures 6x8 inches and is mounted on a dark blue velour faced heavy cardboard, B&W, “Waterman’s Latest Rose Patterns” “An indispensable convenience for Vacationists and Tourists. featuring a beautiful illustration of Waterman eyedropper with hand engraved center section. 


Waterman Advertisement, December 7, 1912

WAT427  Waterman Advertisement, December 7, 1912, Scientific American, Black & White, Ad size is 2.5 x 14.5 on full sized 10.5 x 15.25 inches page.  The Gift for You and Yours Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen, four pen models illustrated and note Clip-on-Cap adds to cost, clips were available in German Silver, Sterling Silver, Rolled Gold and 14kt Gold.  Also on this page are ads for The Batavia and New York Wood Working Co and Electrene improved Fire Extinguishers.  


Waterman Advertisement, November 23, 1918

WAT423  Waterman Advertisement, November 23, 1918, Scientific American, Black & White, Ad size is 5 x 7.25 on full sized 10.5 x 15.25 inches page.  Fundamentally, A Scientific Pen Waterman’s Ideal Pen.  Waterman black hard rubber  fountain pen is illustrated and there is a lot of text touting the virtues of the scientific advancements of the Waterman Ideal Pen.  Also on this page are two columns devoted to new book releases, a Tycos ad for temperature instruments and a small ad about Automobile Welding with Oxy-Acetylene Flame.