Set of 5 vintage Advertising Blotters

B1821 Set of 5 vintage Advertising Blotters. Each measures 4 x 9 inches and none have ever been used. 1) Standard Accident Insurance Co, Petaluma California 2) Majestic Gas Water Co, Dec 1924, Los Angeles set of two, 3) Mercantile Acceptance Company Oct Calendar, Santa Rosa CA 4) Mercantile Acceptance Company, Automobile loans, June 1940 calendar, Santa Rosa CA. (1 set avail)


Sailor Brush Pen

MI1287 Sailor Brush Pen, recent production, Japan, black cap and barrel, gold electroplated clip and single cap band. Cartridge fill, two Sailor cartridges included. Measures 5.25 inches long. Mint condition, never used. (1 avail)


Madison Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil set, ca. 1960s?

MI1285 Madison Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil set, ca. 1960s?  White barrels, ribbed white metal caps. Click button at top of BP cap to extend and retract universal BP refill. Twist pencil Ferrule to extend and retract 0.9mm diameter lead. MP measures 5 inches long, BP measures 5 1/8 inches long. Each clip is marked Madison. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Polish Robbin' Hoods: The Inside Story of the Panczko Brothers

PK2786 Polish Robbin' Hoods: The Inside Story of the Panczko Brothers, the World's Busiest Burglars - Ed Baumann & John O'Brien - Hardcover Copyright – January 1, 1992 Crazy fun book about a Parker heist by the Panczko Brothers of Chicago. Other heists as well, the Panczko Brothers were quite busy in Chicagoland! 339 pages, Baumann and O’Brien, Published by Bonus Books, Chicago. Excellent condition with dust jacket and clear protective cover. (1 avail)


Pen Storage Box

S1099 Pen Storage Box, Sturdy and unique re-purposed Oliva wood Cigar Display Box retrofit with a light grey velour pen liner to hold up to 12 pens. Lift up hinged lid. Double brass clasps on front of case. 9 1/2" x 7 3/4" x 1 3/4". Reddish wood finish on top of lid and base. Handsome pen storage box! Very good condition. (pens in photo not included) (1 avail)