Set of two antique wood dip pens with a nib assortment

DIP1240  Set of two antique wood dip pens with an assortment of ten different vintage dip pen nibs. Set comes with one Red and one Black dip pen holder. Nibs are all new old stock, never used. Please note that the nibs included may vary. Each dip pen holder measures 6.5 inches, about 7.5 inches including nib and is in near mint condition. Great for quick notes, just rinse the nib and try a different color ink for making ink color swashes or you could write us a letter, we love getting mail! (10 avail)


Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink, Royal Blue, Liter

PEL301135  Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink, Royal Blue, Liter. Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink - Pelikan's first writing inks were called 4001. The reason for this name was a designation found in the Receptu Buch which was used to record formulas for different product lines. Writing ink formulas were in Book Four and the first formula was recorded as 001. Hence the designation "4001". 33.82 oz - Liter (1000 ml) bottle.


Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1990s?

SH4933  Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1990s?, burgundy barrel, smooth gold plated cap and open clip, white dot at top of clip, push button activated, click button to extend and retract Sheaffer BP refill, fresh refill included. Name engraved: Steven Rod was a double imprint done incorrectly by Sheaffer’s ad specialty division. Measures 5 inches long. Never used and in very good condition with the exception of the imprint. Classic look for daily writing.  (1 avail)


Noritake Nippon Stamp and Desktop Box Set

W850  Noritake Nippon Stamp and Desktop Box Set - Very simple, very elegant. Nothing foo-foo about it! This two piece set includes stamp box and a small desk box to hold little desk things like clips, nibs and even short international ink cartridges would fit. Stamp box is a two slotter. Beautiful iridescent lustreware glaze on inside of the desk box and the stamp slots. Soft green glaze on the outside. Gilded edges. Stamp box measures 2 5/8 x 1.75 x 7/8 hgt. Desk box measures 2 3/8 in sq and is 2 inch tall to tip of the knob on lid. Marked on bottom of each piece: Noritake Nippon in blue.


Umbrella Bridge Pencil Set, ca. 1940s

MM394  Umbrella Bridge Pencil Set, ca. 1940s, Origin unknown. Umbrella styling with tiny woodcase pencil which pulls out from bottom of the umbrella case. Celluloid tops in green, red and pink – one top is missing. Each pencil measures 4 inches long. There are a few little specks of the black finish missing on the green topped pencil. All of the tiny woodcase pencils are present. Each pencil measures 4 inches long. We retrofitted a small wood Petet Conrona box Jamaica with a dark green felt pen liner. (1 avail)


Universal Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1960s

MI2098  Universal Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1960s, black barrel, bright steel cap. Clip and ferrule. VV raised in recessed re area at top of clip. VV is in reference to a Van Valkenburg clip. Side of barrel is marked: Van Nelle. Push button at top of cap, click to extend and retract refill. Fresh Fisher standard BP refill included. Measures 5.25 inches long. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Parker Duofold Senior Desk Base, ca. 1920s, USA

PK2761  Parker Duofold Senior Desk Base, ca. 1920s, USA, Soft shades of green with a nice onyx vein rear right corner, single pen groove across front. Gold filled swivel holder for Black hard rubber pen holder, single gold filled band. Original Parker label on rear of desk set. Measures 6 x 3 5/8 inches. No pen, no nicks or chips and in excellent condition. (1 avail)