Swiv-o-Dex Inkwell

W1068  Swiv-o-Dex Inkwell, early model in burgundy bakelite with ribbed black glass inkwell. Base measures 5.25 deep and is 4 inches across at widest point. Height is 4 inches with inkwell in upright position. Inkwell swivels in all directions. Imprint inside the "cup" that holds inkwell reads: Zephyr American Corp Swivodex Trade Mark Pat Pending New York, NY. Ribbed glass center section is cloudy in about a 1.75 x 1.25 inch area. Otherwise in very good condition (1 avail)


Speedball Triple Reservoir Pens Assortment on original black and white illustrated card.

Speedball Triple Reservoir Pens Assortment on original black and white illustrated card. Card measures 7 x 9 inches. There are 11 different never used nibs on the card. Additional four nibs have been used and replaced on the card. Back side of card is nicely illustrated with lettering exemplars and instructions, Speedball Pen Inks and the Speedball Text Book, Modern Pen Lettering. C. Howard Hunt Camden N.J. There are two light water stains toward the bottom of the card, but no ink stains. Quite an elaborate display card that originally would have been held in a cardboard box.


Montblanc Stamps - Set of 20

Montblanc Stamps - Set of 20, A must for Montblanc aficionados! Reproduction self sticking stamps of the famous Montblanc advertising car, complete with pen on the top and snowcap hubcaps. Each stamp measures 1.5 x 1.25 inches and is done in sepia tones. Sold as a set of 20 stamps.


Autopoint Mechanical Pencil, ca.1960s

MI1585  Autopoint Mechanical Pencil, ca. 1960s, large diameter black faceted barrel, white at top of barrel below eraser, bright chrome trim. Twist to extend 1.1mm diameter lead, manual repel. Barrel is imprinted in white: PEMCO CORPORATION BALTIMORE 24, MD, the white at top is imprinted with blue and red PEMCO logo. Measures 5.75 inches long. Eraser is dry. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer School Cartridge Filler Fountain Pen, ca.1970s

SH4737  Sheaffer School Cartridge Filler Fountain Pen, ca. 1970s, White barrel, however the exposed part of the barrel has evenly darkened to a nice ivory. Polished steel cap, Long slim clip is marked Sheaffer, polished steel nib is marked: Sheaffer M Made in USA. Firm medium round point. Sheaffer Skrip cartridge included. Converters are too long for this pen. Measures 4.75 inches long. Other than the barrel discoloration, very good condition. (1 avail)