Filling Instructions: Parker 61 Capillary Filler

Here are filling instructions for Parker 61 Capillary Filler fountain pens. 1) Remove cap and unscrew barrel. 2) Lower the filling tube into an inch or more of fresh ink. Allow one minute for the Parker 61 to fill itself. Later fillings take less time, but since the Parker 6 cannot be overfilled, there is no need to time the filling exactly. 3) Lift the filling tube out of the ink slowly and evenly. As you do, any excess moisture on the tube's exterior is recaptured by the ink. Droplets of ink clinging to the tube may be due to several factors - too rapid withdrawal from the ink - the kind or color of the ink itself - fingerprints or foreign substances which can be removed by wiping the filling tube with a soft cloth or tissue before the next filling. 4) After the first filling of your Parker 61, replace the barrel, turn the pen to the writing position and allow ten seconds for the ink to flow down to the nib.