Esterbrook nib assortment, 10 nibs

Assortment of ten different Esterbrook vintage steel pen nibs. Esterbrook Pens was created in 1856 by Robert Esterbrook and was the first company in the United States to make steel pen nibs. The company was originally called the United States Steel Pen Manufacturing Company, and the name was later changed to The Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Company. The company's success was largely due to the quality of the steel nibs. The nibs were versatile, long lasting, and were available in many different styles. The company was later launched in England as well. The last name the dip pens nibs were manufactured under was The Esterbrook Pen Company. In 1967, The Esterbrook Pen Company was taken over by the Venus Pencil Company. Assortment of nibs included may vary.