Antique Cast Iron Bill Spike

Antique Cast Iron Bill Spike is made of heavy iron and has a bit of a coppery looking patina to it. Base diameter is 2.25 inches, height is 5 inches. The spike leans a tiny bit to one side, but is straight. Fill it up with bills or notes and letters, great little vintage desk accessory (1 avail)


Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets

Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets - Handy to have around whether you are doing repairs or just writing a letter! High grade 110LB absorbent blotting in white, each sheet measures 4 x 9 inches. These cut to fit almost all rocker blotters or to fit in a check book. This is not the flimsy cardboard-like paper some people are passing off as blotting paper these days!


Hunt Bulldog Pencil Sharpener

MM766  Hunt Bulldog Pencil Sharpener, Made in Statesville, North Carolina. Single hole sharpener with sharp single rotary blade. Can be surface or wall mounted. Translucent orange receptacle mounted on dark grey metal. Sharpens your wood pencils perfectly every time. There is a bit of paint loss to the frame, otherwise very good condition. (1 avail) 


Sheaffer Sewing Kit

Sheaffer Sewing Kit, Black plastic b0x with clear snap close lid printed in gold: Sheaffer, Smith Pen Co, 123 Main St, Anywhere, USA. Inside are 14 different colors of thread, a green thimble, a needle threader and 4 needles. The thread spools are marked Made in England. Perfect condition. I suspect this was made by Sheaffer’s ad specialty division OR perhaps presented to them by another ad specialty company as a suggestion for future giveaways, perhaps at trade shows. Measures 2.25 x 1.75 inches. Perfect condition. (1 avail)


Bill Spindle

Bill Spindle - Very contemporary modern look, probably dates to the late 1950s. Ivory metal base measures 2.75 inches diameter, overall height is 4 3/8 inches. Very good condition. (1 avail)