Higgins Drafting Inkwell, ca. 1940s

W1080 Higgins Drafting Inkwell, ca. 1940s, black cast iron with newer Higgins one ounce drafting ink bottle. Designed so that you push the lever to raise the needle with a perfect drop of ink. The ink would then be deposited on the tip of your drafting pen. There are a few stubborn black ink stains on the chrome holder that holds the bottle in place and just a scant amount of corrosion to the base. Measures 5.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches across. Overall very good condition for this working desk top tool. (1 avail)


Sengbusch Dip-o-Dex Inkwell with double pen holders

W1079 Sengbusch Dip-o-Dex Inkwell with double pen holders. Lid slides back and forth so you can dip your pen or close the lid to keep out dust and foreign objects. Two pen grooves on either side of inkwell to rest your pens. Inkwell is glazed glossy black over ceramic. Base is embossed: DIPODEX Trade Mark PAT PEND. MADE IN USA Zephyr American Corp NY. We always find it amazing that a glass desk top object has remained unscathed for almost 100 years, no chips, nicks or other damage, perfect condition! (pens in photo not included) (1 avail)


Funnel Style Inkwell, Probably French, Black glazed ceramic

W1076 Funnel Style Inkwell, Probably French, Black glazed ceramic, removable funnel to easily fill the well with ink, the funnel pulls ink up for easy dipping. Single pen rest across the back edge on inkwell. Measures 2x2 inches at felt covered base, height is 3 inches, funnel diameter is 1 7/8 inch. There is one minuscule nick to the outer rim of the funnel, otherwise in very good condition. (dip pen in photo not included) (1 avail)


Inkwell – Desk set, ca. 1940s

W1074  Inkwell – Desk set, ca. 1940s, Pinky–Beige glass base and hinged lid on clear glass inkwell. Decorative golden filigree at base of inkwell on three exposed sides. Golden knob on top of inkwell lid. Beige pen holder swivels 360 degrees. DipLess style dip pen is not original to set but fits the pen holder quite nicely – Bright yellow barrel with burgundy at nib end and a marbled pink and soft white taper. Fit with a Gold plated Velvet medium point. Measures 6.25 inches. (1 avail)


Antique Portable Inkstand

W1073  Antique Portable Inkstand designed to be carried between scribes and writers. ca. Late 1890s – early 1900s. Wood inkstand with handle is finished in black. Light wear to the finish of the top of handle and edges of base, Recessed areas on each long side for writing instruments. Holds two glass inkwells with lids, not a matched set, each has slightly differences. One inkwell measures 1.75 inches square and is 1 5/8 inches in height with brass screw on lid. Inkwell No.


Jennings Bros No. JM18B Inkstand. ca. Late 1890s

W1070  Jennings Bros No. JM18B Inkstand. ca. Late 1890s, Made in Bridgeport, CT. Jennings Bros was in business 1891-1950. They specialized in Art Nouveau designs and manufactured a wide range of items: Inkstands, Clocks, Bookends and small statues. This particular inkstand is marked on the base JM18B for the model number. The gold plated finish has some subtle signs of olive green still remaining on the front tray which would have held dip pen nibs and the ornamentation at the back of the stand. Lift off inkwell lid. Includes a white milkglass inkwell insert.


RS Prussia Inkwell Desk Set

W849  RS Prussia Inkwell Desk Set - This stunning RS Prussia Porcelain Inkwell Set was made in the Reinhold Schlegelmilch second factory in Tillowitz in the Upper Silesia Germany late 1800s. Wreath and Star Mark on the bottom of each piece notes RS Tillowitz and Silesia. The factory in Silesia opened in 1894 and this mark is less common than others. RS Prussian porcelain is known for the complex molds they utilized, beautiful patterns, hand applied decoration and the unusual glazes.