Parker Illustrated Heritage Calendar - Parker 1997

Parker Illustrated Heritage Calendar - Parker 1997 Heritage Calendars have a story to tell and the illustrations are magnificent. Truly works of art, the illustrations were recreated from old black and white Parker advertisements, skillfully restored and hand colored. Each page of the calendar is 16.5 x 23.5 inches with a small monthly reference calendar at the bottom of the page, the colored print is above the calendar. The calendar was printed on a gloss heavy white stock, very suitable for framing should you so desire.


Parker Pen Co Employee Form No. 3535

Parker Pen Co Employee Form Paperwork! Never anyone's favorite thing to deal with! These Parker Pen Co pads are a form for an employee to indicate they wanted to continue doing the job they were currently doing. It's Form No. 3535 indicating Duplicate Personnel Copy and printed in U.S.A. Each pad has about 50 forms on it (I didn't do an exact count, so there may be a few more or less), they measure 4 x 6 inches and are bound on the 6 inch side. Printed in black ink on white paper. In case you can't read all of the fine print in the photo, it reads:


Parker 8x10 Color Photograph

Parker 8x10 Color Photograph - Parker Duofold Fountain Pen - The World War II Commemorative Pen. This photo commemorates the surrender of the Japanese on September 2, 1945 to General Douglas MacArthur. Perfect condition. Just waiting for you to frame it and put with your Parker memorabilia! (1 avail)


Parker Letterhead, White cotton content bond paper printed with teal ink

Parker Letterhead, White cotton content bond paper printed with teal ink. Reads: Parker Pen Service, Inc. Wholly owned by The Parker Pen Company, 3728 Williamson Road N.W. Roanoke, Virginia. Measures 7.25 x 10.5 inches. Just in case you were thinking of stopping by - 3728 Williamson Rd NW, Roanoke, VA is currently a mixed use property that contains 4,250 Sq. Ft. and was built in 1955.  Unfortunately, the Parker Service office no longer exists there! (1 avail)


Parker Window-Counter Display for Parker Quink Ink. ca. 1940s

PK2514  Parker Window-Counter Display for Parker Quink Ink. Ca. 1940s. Marked in bottom left corner: Display No. 6704-R - Made in USA. The attached large cardboard easel on the back side has never been used. Measures 14 x 21 inches. Large illustration on top half of a desk top with Parker Quink Permanent Blue-Black, a Parker Vacumatic fountain pen, smoking pipe and a framed photograph.


Parker Mandarin Duofold Poster

PK2233  Parker Mandarin Duofold Poster - Large poster sized reprint of an original Parker 1927 advertisement for the Parker Duofold Mandarin and other Duofolds. High quality printing, measures 24.5 x 19 inches and very suitable for framing. Originally produced by the Parker Pen Co. Mint condition. (3 avail)


Parker Pen Desk Set Catalogue, Hand Dated July 23, 1965

Parker Pen Desk Set Catalogue, Hand Dated July 23, 1965. There is a rubber stamped imprint top left from Brookings Pen & Lighter Repair in Oklahoma City. That was our friend, Alan’s(RIP) Father’s shop. This full color catalog features 62 different Parker desk sets. Clocks and a perpetual calendar are shown on the back cover. Tons of information in this original catalogue to help you identify your Parker desk sets from the mid-1960s into the 1970s. Very good condition. Great reference material. (1 avail)