Parker Advertisement, July 17, 1920

Parker Advertisement, July 17, 1920, Parker Lucky Curve, Literary Digest magazine. vert measures 3 x 11 inches, the full page measures 8 x 11.5 inches. Bold illustration of a Parker nib and pen. "Science me the Parker Always Clean, Always ready, Quick to Fill, Safe to Carry". Love the note about how 900 of their 20,000 dealers render local service. Excellent condition for an of this age.


Parker Advertisement, 1952

Parker Advertisement, 1952, The National Geographic, 7x10, Full Color, “Parker Spring Gift Showing! Choose this gift... and all will know your heart is in the giving! Parker 51 pen”, illustration of Demi-Size 51 in blue, Regular Size 51 in blue.


Parker Advertisement, November 1935

Parker Advertisement, November 1935,  Woman's Home Companion, 5x14, B&W, "This Smart Plaskon Utility Case for Cigarettes, Jewelry or Boudoir Trifles, and outright gift-no charge whatever with the purchase of a Parker Laminated Vacumatic Pen and Pencil set", illustration of Parker Vacumatic Fountain pen, and Vacumatic pen and pencil set.