Boston Happy Pencils Enclosure. ca. 1920s?

P1052  Boston Happy Pencils Enclosure. ca. 1920s? Hunt Pencil Sharpeners, Boston Pocket Sharpener and Hunt’s Silverine Pens. Printed in orange and black on white glossy paper. The front panel is fun – with smiling and frowning comical pencil people, four Hunt Boston pencils sharpeners illustrate on inside panels, back cover shows a Boston Pocket Sharpener and Hunt’s Silverine pen which these days we commonly refer to as dip pen nibs. Measures 6.25 x 3.5 closed dimensions. At some point it was folded into a 1.25 x 2 inch size, so there are extra fold lines! (1 avail)


Sheaffer Mechanical Pencil, ca. 1980s

SH4277  Sheaffer Mechanical Pencil, ca. 1980s, thin mechanical pencil with black barrel and smooth polished steel cap.  Straight clip is marked Sheaffer. Just below the clip on the cap is is engraved 0.7MM – I don’t believe I’ve seen that engraved on a Sheaffer before.  Push button at top to extend 0.7mm diameter lead, manual retract.  Measures 5.5 inches long.  Excellent condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer Sailor Sentinel Mechanical Pencil, ca. 1990s

SH4838  Sheaffer Sailor Sentinel Mechanical Pencil, ca. 1990s - all stainless steel, ribbed gripping section, Smooth steel clip with S on end. Click top to extend 0.5mm diameter lead. Remove top piece to use eraser. Measures 5 inches long. Slim profile. Personalized on side of cap in blue: Richard Skarup Painting 252-4228. Excellent condition. (1 avail)


Zaner Bloser Mechanical Pencil, Desk style, Red

MI1743  Zaner Bloser Mechanical Pencil, Desk style, no clip, wood, bright red with white metal center section, Twist to extend 1.1mm dia lead, manual repel. Measures 6.25 inches long. There is a hole at the barrel end which may have once held an eraser, but at only 1/8 inch diameter it would have been a very small eraser! Marked at top of barrel: ZABCO COLS, O. PAT APPLD FOR. This is the only ZB pencil we have ever seen in this style, I suspect it was one of the earliest models, probably ca.


Sheaffer Slim Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil Set in original box, ca. 1960s

SH4607 Sheaffer Slim Ballpoint and Mechanical Set in original box, ca. 1960s, USA, dark green barrels, bright polished steel caps, Ballpoint is slim style and measures 5.25 inches long, Mechanical Pencil is also slim style and measures 5 3/8 inches long. Fresh refill included with BP pen, Pencil uses 0.9mm diameter leads. New in box. (1 avail)


Hunt Bulldog Pencil Sharpener

MM766  Hunt Bulldog Pencil Sharpener, Made in Statesville, North Carolina. Single hole sharpener with sharp single rotary blade. Can be surface or wall mounted. Translucent orange receptacle mounted on dark grey metal. Sharpens your wood pencils perfectly every time. There is a bit of paint loss to the frame, otherwise very good condition. (1 avail)