rocker blotter

Jet Black Glass Rocker Blotter ca. 1940s

R187  Jet Black Glass Rocker Blotter ca. 1940s, faceted handle. Black glass rocker face has a flake on one long edge, it is smooth and measures about half inch, one other smaller flake on opposite face edge measures ¼ x ½ inch. Brass Rocker. Blotter face Measures 5.5 x 2 inches. Height is 3 inches. Nice Art Deco styling. Fresh blotting paper installed. (1 avail)



Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets

Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets - Handy to have around whether you are doing repairs or just writing a letter! High grade 110LB absorbent blotting in white, each sheet measures 4 x 9 inches. These cut to fit almost all rocker blotters or to fit in a check book. This is not the flimsy cardboard-like paper some people are passing off as blotting paper these days!


RS Prussia Inkwell Desk Set

W849  RS Prussia Inkwell Desk Set - This stunning RS Prussia Porcelain Inkwell Set was made in the Reinhold Schlegelmilch second factory in Tillowitz in the Upper Silesia Germany late 1800s. Wreath and Star Mark on the bottom of each piece notes RS Tillowitz and Silesia. The factory in Silesia opened in 1894 and this mark is less common than others. RS Prussian porcelain is known for the complex molds they utilized, beautiful patterns, hand applied decoration and the unusual glazes.