Sheaffer Imperial Mechanical Pencil, ca. mid-1970s, Dark Blue

SH4970 Sheaffer Imperial Mechanical Pencil, ca. mid-1970s, Dark Blue cap and barrel, gold plated short clip, cap band and ferrule. White dot at top of clip. Twist to extend 0.9mm diameter lead, manual repel. Measures 4.75 inches long. One tiny nick to the dark blue finish about a half inch above ferrule, otherwise very good condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer Model S08 Single Desk Set, ca. 1970s

SH4967 Sheaffer Model S08 Single Desk Set, ca. 1970s, Mint condition in original box with un-engraved brass name plate and polished brass swivel pen holder. Brown Sheaffer Desk Style Snorkel filling Fountain Pen (no white dot) with solid 14KT gold nib marked: Sheaffer’s Reg US Pat Off, 14K, Made in USA, 5. Marked M - medium point. Original labels on underside of base is excellent condition. Beautiful shades of brown and white onyx. Desk set, pen holder and fountain pen are in excellent condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer Triumph Imperial II Deluxe Fountain Pen. ca. mid-1990s

SH4966 Sheaffer Triumph Imperial II Deluxe Fountain Pen. ca. mid-1990s, Dark grey barrel and section, polished steel mini Triumph nib is a firm fine point. Touchdown filling – fills only from a bottle. White dot at top of polished steel clip. Original Sheaffer label on side of cap. Measures 5.25 inches long. Excellent condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer Balance Fountain Pen, ca. 1930s

SH4964 Sheaffer Balance Fountain Pen, ca. 1930s. Fountain Pen in red veined grey celluloid with gold filled hump flat ball clip marked: Sheaffer'S, single cap band and lever. No white dot. Fit with Sheaffer'S 5-30 14KT gold nib, smooth extra fine point. FP is lever fill and fills only from a bottle. Measures 5.5 inches long. Just a hint of brassing to clip ends on underside of ball. Very good condition. (1 avail)