Sheaffer Imperial Single Desk Set, ca. 1960s, USA

SH4973 Sheaffer Imperial Single Desk Set, ca. 1960s, USA. white and grey onyx with some copper veining. Double gold plated pen rest across the front edge, Swivel gold plated pen holder. Measures 2.75 x 3.25 inches. Original Sheaffer partial label on bottom of the base. The label states that this base was for a Triumph FP, however that was obvious replaced some time in the past with a Sheaffer brown Imperial desk pen with a polished steel semi-inlaid nib. Firm fine point. Cartridge filling, uses Sheaffer Skrip Cartridges. FP measures 6 7/8 inches long. The Tan textured box with hinged lid plastic box with hinged lid is quite unusual, first we’ve seen! Tan exterior, beige interior. Small compartment at back of box to hold your pen. There are two small cracks at the back of the bottom section. Aside from the velour cracks, totally functional and in very good condition. (1 avail)