Sheaffer Desk Set, ca. 1930s

SH4850 Sheaffer Desk Set, ca. 1930s, hand painted fisherman scene under green tinted glass. Single pen rest across front edge. Black inset marked Sheaffer’s, gold filled pen holder is a later model from the 1950s. Swivels 360 degrees and lays flat for when pen is not in use. Black radite inset is marked Sheaffer’S. Fit with a later ca..


Sheaffer Desk Set, ca. 1940s

SH4848 Sheaffer Desk Set, ca. 1940s, Black onyx base with white veining, black radite pen holder swivels 360 degrees, single gold filled band in center of pen holder. White dot at taper edge where it abuts to the barrel. Fit with a Sheaffer Lifetime desk style fountain pen in black radite with single gold filled band. Sheaffer Two Tone 14KT gold nib is marked: Sheaffer’s Lifetime Reg. US Pat Off Made in USA. Serial No. 7274723.  Firm fine point. FP measures 7.75 inches long.


Sheaffer Desk Set, ca. 1970s

SH4847 Sheaffer Desk Set, ca. 1970s, Onyx base in soft shades of green and copper, polished brass swivel pen holder, single pen groove across center of base. Fit with a Sheaffer imperial brown desk style fountain pen, polished steel inlaid nib is a firm medium point. Cartridge-converter fill – cartridge included. Base measures 4.5 x 5 inches. No nicks or chips to the base and in very good condition. (1 avail)