Waterman’s Ink Bottle, ca. 1940s, British Made, Tropic Green

Waterman’s Ink Bottle, ca. 1940s, British Made, Tropic Green, Clear glass tip fill bottle, green metal screw on lid, bright yellow, green and white label with illustration of a tropical island, another blue and white label on back side states it has been treated with HEXA Fluid which Banishes ink clog, Gives brilliant colour tone, protects against nib corrosion, lengthens life of pen, provides perfect cushioning fluid and Ensures Instant Flow. Corrosion to top of cap on lower third of metal cap, Tropical Green ink dust inside bottle. (1 avail) 


Waterman Advertisement, early 1900's

Waterman Advertisement The Theatre Advertiser – Gifts for the Holidays. Not dated, early 1900s. 10 x 14 inches. Full color with great background, bright red headline: Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pen. Five beautiful fountain pens. Shown are 14 different selections for service emblems for your fountain pen i.e.: Moose Lodge, University emblems, Elks, etc. Very unusual! (1 avail)


Waterman Harley Davidson Pen Cases

Waterman Harley Davidson Pen Cases – Set of two Harley gas tank shaped pen boxes, One in orange and one in black, both with a little shimmer of silver glitter. Foam insert for a pen inside. NO Waterman Harley Pens included, just the boxes! Each measures 7.75 x 4 inches at widest points. The orange one is missing the chrome gas cap medallion at top of box. The bottom front edge is embossed ” Powered by Waterman”. Fun Waterman memorabilia. (1 avail)