The Western Penman Student’s Edition, 1902

The Western Penman Student’s Edition. Published by Western Penman Publishing Co in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. December 1902 Number 9. The Western Penman was associated with the Palmer Penmanship College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Numbered pages 260-290. All B&W. Many exemplars of penmanship, advertisements for many penmanship schools and supplies, Group photo of people at Zanerian College etc. Measures 8.75 x 11.5 inches. Covers and interior pages are well aged, most have edge tears. This issue is 119 years old! Better condition than most, needless to say it is not perfect! (1 avail)


Parker Jotter Desk Style Ballpoint Pen, Dark Blue barrel with bright turquoise taper.

PK2374  Parker Jotter Desk Style Ballpoint Pen, USA, bright Parker Jotter desk pen fit all Jotter desk sets of course but also fit a number of other basic styled vintage desk sets. Since Parker BP refills don't dry out quickly at all when left exposed, these are great pens to just keep on your desk or near your phone. Measures 6.25 inches long. Dark Blue barrel with bright turquoise taper. New old stock in mint condition. (4 avail)


Parker Vector Rollerball, UK, Pop Art

PK2308  Parker Vector Rollerball, UK, barrel is lime green with deep purple and aqua pop art design, cap is deep purple with lime green and aqua pop art. Bright chrome trim with the very recognizable bold arrow clip. Each pen measures 5 1/8 inches long. Remove cap to expose fresh Parker roller ball refill point. Excellent condition. (several avail)