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Point Gaskets for plunger-fillers

Point Gaskets - Packing unit seal gaskets for plunger-fillers (replace original innards of Sheaffer or Eversharp packing units) made of fluorocarbon rubber for maximum durability and chemical resistance. Fluorocarbon seals are extremely durable, resisting wear & weathering far better than standard synthetic rubber seals. Estimated life span in industrial settings is up to 20 years, versus 2 to 5 years for butadiene.


Small Point seals for Sheaffer Snorkels

Small Point seals for Sheaffer Snorkels (to fit inside nib/section assembly, sealing around the extending filler tube) and made of long-lasting ethylene-propylene. Ethylene-propylene seals should last at least twice as long as those made of ordinary rubber, which are vulnerable to oxidization, and especially the effects of ozone. Use only with pure silicone grease, keep away from petroleum-based lubricants which you shouldn't use in the first place!


Large Replacement O-rings

Large Replacement O-rings for pneumatic-fillers (fit into the end of the barrel, making an airtight seal with the plunger), made of long-lasting ethylene-propylene. Fits Sheaffer PFMs, Sheaffer 1949 fat first-year Touchdowns and Sheaffer Touchdown Tuckaways.