fountain pen

Parker 8x10 Color Photograph

Parker 8x10 Color Photograph - Parker Duofold Fountain Pen - The World War II Commemorative Pen. This photo commemorates the surrender of the Japanese on September 2, 1945 to General Douglas MacArthur. Perfect condition. Just waiting for you to frame it and put with your Parker memorabilia! (1 avail)


Sheaffer “Max Passable Example” Intrigue Barrel

Sheaffer “Max Passable Example” Intrigue Barrel and Blind Cap in Silken Bark finish from the Sheaffer factory “Paint Room”. 2001. This is just barrel and blind cap, no guts, no clip, no refill. Kept in Quality Control as a “Perfect Sample” to compare this Silken Bark finish. Attached is a marking tag that reads on side 1: “Int Blkune 3622 Stencil Room. Max Pass Pimple 2-13-01 MR” “Max Pass Pimple” which would have referred to the red circled areas on the barrel. (1 avail)