ink bottle

Waterman’s Well Top Ink Bottle, ca. 1930s, USA

I1883 Waterman’s Well Top Ink Bottle, ca. 1930s, USA, Two ounce clear glass ink bottle with Well Top. To fill Well Top for easy filling, tip bottle down to fill the Well Top, after filling the ink will drain back down into the bottle. Two ounce. Clear glass with red bakelite screw on cap, Outer edge of cap is embossed with pen nibs. Bottle label is white printed in blue, red and black. Full color box is printed and illustrated on all sides. Box flaps and lid are present, but detached from box. Bottle measures 3.5 inches in height, base measures 1 7/8 inches square. No ink in bottle.


Parker Quink Sample Bottle, ca. 1930s

I2000 Parker Quink Sample Bottle, ca. 1930s, Clear ribbed glass, Cork stopper with black ebonite disk marked: Parker Quink. The majority of the cork stopper is missing and some light aging on top of the stopper. Bottom of bottle is embossed: Made in U.S.A. Sides on bottle are embossed: Parker Quink. Measures 1 inch diameter at base and is 1.75 inches in height. No ink in bottle. Very good condition (1 avail)


Sanford’s No. 447 Indelible Stamping Ink for Pens, Stamp or Stencil

I2003 Sanford’s No. 447 Indelible Stamping Ink for Pens, Stamp or Stencil. Clear Glass with colorful label in bright marigold, black, red and white. There are two very small ink stains on the label. No cork or stopper. This tiny bottle measures 1 inch diameter and is 2 inches in height. No cork or stopper in the opening. (1 avail)


Parker Quink 4oz Bottle

I1882  Parker Quink 4oz Bottle in clear ribbed glass with black silver colored metal screw on lid. Lid is marked Parker Quink. Front bottle label in green and white for Parker Permanent Green Quink. Label has small tear on bottom right corner and has aged over the years to an off-white color. No ink in bottle. Bottom is embossed Parker Made in USA 4 oz. (1 avail)


Higgins Drafting Inkwell, ca. 1940s

W1080 Higgins Drafting Inkwell, ca. 1940s, black cast iron with newer Higgins one ounce drafting ink bottle. Designed so that you push the lever to raise the needle with a perfect drop of ink. The ink would then be deposited on the tip of your drafting pen. There are a few stubborn black ink stains on the chrome holder that holds the bottle in place and just a scant amount of corrosion to the base. Measures 5.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches across. Overall very good condition for this working desk top tool. (1 avail)